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Currency Solutions Review by Rating: 1 out of 5

Currency Solutions

Currency Solutions has been voted 1/5 or 13% out of 1108 recommendations. CurrencyComparison.co.uk has researched their Foreign Exchange Business and we are not impressed.

Currency Solutions

Who are Currency Solutions?

So who are Currency Solutions? Currency Solutions was created early 2008 by 3 individuals straight from University. These are Harry Enver (Managing Director) Robert Griffith formally Head of Brokers Desk and now works on ZooPay within their offices and Dr Tien Tran the IT Director.

We have seen many complaints about Currency Solutions from employees to customers. We do know that they also have a broker academy which is controlled by Roshel Patel the Corporate Director which gives the junior brokers an insight into Currency Exchange of where they offer a basic salary of £18,000. Due to researching Currency Solutions we can confirm that they are not what they appear to be.

Services Offered

Currency Solutions have both a Corporate and Personal Currency Service. There is a minimum limit of £3000 to complete a trade with Currency Solutions, and you might get your funds within 24 hours or 3 to 4 days it seems on most occasions. They also offer Spot Forward contacts and so on. We have been told by previous emplyees that these do not provide the best rate on the market.

Currency Solutions Currency Solutions / Foreign exchange for businesses and individuals

Should I use Currency Solutions?

In our honest opinion we say 'NO'. We are fortunate enough to say that some of our staff are ex members of their business. They are unethical and have no respect for their employees or customers, and we have seen this first hand. To be fair its not Robert or Tien, its Harry. His approach is rude and as he is my managing director, all he does is either sit on his phone all day and bark orders at people. Himself is not that much savvy in this business, but he likes to think he is. The way they treat customers with no fees is misleading.

Foreign exchange for businesses and individuals

All we can advise is that we hope they improve their service and ethical thoughts on the way they treat staff and ex-employees.

Business Information

Registered office address: Hobbs Court, 2 Jacob Streets, London, England, SE1 2BG

Incorporated on: 2008

Telephone: 020 7740 0000

Email: info@currencysolutions.com