Universal Partners FX (UPFX)

UPFX Review by Rating: 5 out of 5

UPFX Review

Universal Partners FX (UPFX) has been voted 5/5 or 100% out of 809 recommendations. CurrencyComparison.co.uk has researched their Foreign Exchange Business and we can also give them a thumbs up for Currency Transfers.


Who are UPFX?

So who are UPFX? Universal Partners FX was created early 2017 by 2 talented Corporate Foreign Exchange Experts, Oliver Carson and Dhaval Patal. they both were the top Brokers for Currency Solutions and had a large portfolio of clients but decided to leave and startup their own venture. Our staff has met these individuals and we can say what a nice bunch they truly are.

After a rapid startup, they quickly saw the demand to build a Foreign Exchange Team and build their business portfolio. Universal Partners FX are growing from month to month with new Personal and Corporate experts and they have the ideal location in the trendy Canary Wharf central banking district.

Services Offered

Universal Partners FX have both a Corporate and Personal Foreign Exchange Service. There are no limits to the amount you want to exchange your currency, they are fast and reliable compared to many other providers out there. Our test campaign with UPFX was that transfers to Australia, Canada and places in Europe were extremley fast, to the point, and no BS. Their customer service representatives or brokers were also extremley polite, they knew all the market rates (of which they should) and they was happy to advise on such trades such as Spot Forwards. The documentation given to our team was precise and even if your a novice in Currency Transfers and Spot Forwards, they make the effort in explaining this in laymans terms.

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Why should I use UPFX?

OK so we are blowing their trumpet a little, and to be fair they deserve it. They have the best rates available and after viewing their own customer reviews, we have not seen 1 negative comment which would degrade their business. The currency rates are of what you expect and maybe a touch better if you can hold on until the currency rate improves. They are also affilliated with Finder and are on the top position for Foreign Exchange of which is hard be ranked on considering the competition.

Universal Partners FX are the ones to watch out for! They have become one of the best and yet UPFX are still growing after their first year, probably one of the best Foreign Exchange providers. We will be watching closely in the next up coming months and update with their progress.


As we mentioned before, we give Universal Partners FX 100~% for their currency rates and customer service.

Business Information

Registered office address: The South Quay Building 189 Marsh Wall, Isle Of Dogs, London, England, E14 9SH

Incorporated on: 16 March 2017

Telephone: 020 7190 9559 or 020 3180 5504

Email: dealers@upfx.co.uk