Azimo Review by Rating: 4 out of 5

Azimo Review

Azimo has been voted 4/5 or 82% out of 304 recommendations. has researched their Foreign Exchange Business and we can also give them a thumbs up for Foreign Exchange Transfers.


Who are Azimo?

So who are Azimo? Azimo is a London-based payment processing company providing internet and mobile based inter-country transfer services. Founded in October 29, 2012 by Michael Kent and Polish ex-pat Marta Krupinsk, Azimo has rapidly expanded.

In 2015 Azimo raised $20 million to fuel global growth with plans to target new markets in North America and Asia.

Services Offered

Azimo users can send money directly to bank accounts or to 270,000 locations where recipients can collect the transfers in cash. Additionally cash can be sent to a mobile wallet or received as a home delivery. Azimo can use a supplier’s bank information to send payments for international goods, as well. In February 2013, Azimo launched a social money transfer service with an app allowing Facebook users to send direct transfers between friends almost anywhere in the world. Azimo has made its name as the first money transfer company to be fully integrated with FaceBook

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Why should I use Azimo?

Azimo charges a flat fee of £5 to transfer money up to £500 and 1% commission for any larger sums up to £15. Registering via Facebook account is easy. It is also more convenient because most Facebook users will already be connected with family and friends. This means that sending them money can be done with just a few clicks.

Once users are signed up, they will be able to send money to Facebook friends, with the payee entering their account details via a Facebook invitation. Three quarters of regular remittance users are on Facebook, while 60 per cent of those were friends with the person to whom they wanted to send money, according to Azimo.

Faster, safer money transfers

Azimo is expanding so quickly; its website can hardly keep up. It lists service to less countries than it actually serves and tends to bury some of its products like mobile account top-up in content that’s too complex to be useful on a mobile. Low cost of transfers is possible given Azimo’s digital only platform and customer service seems good given the company’s employees (Azimo people) hail from 19 countries and speak 25 languages. Customer support contact can be made by email, twitter or telephone.

One profoundly disgruntled former client has published a video detailing his two week wait to have access to funds he sent from his UK bank. The amount was eventually refunded after he’d sent 11 emails that Azimo largely ignored and he was charged a fee for the inconvenience.

Business Information

Registered office address: 9th Floor 107 Cheapside, London, United Kingdom, EC2V 6DN

Incorporated on: January 2012

Telephone: +44 0 203 137 0708