FairFX Review by Rating: 3 out of 5

FairFX Review

FairFX has been voted 3/5 or 68% out of 811 recommendations. CurrencyComparison.co.uk has researched their Foreign Exchange Business and we can also give them a thumbs up for Currency Transfers Online.


Who are FairFX?

So who are FairFX? FairFX has developed a cloud-based peer-to-peer payments platform that enables personal and business customers to make multi-currency payments in a range of currencies and countries and across a range of FX products. FairFX facilitates payments either direct to bank accounts or at over 30 million merchants and over 30 million ATMs in a broad range of countries globally via Mobile apps, the Internet, wire transfer and MasterCard/VISA debit cards.

FairFX focuses on three Services: Currency Cards, International Payments and Travel Cash.

Services Offered

Travel money is what they focus on, even as they offer international payments, as other foreign exchange companies do. The three services are easy enough to navigate to due to the website very spare, simplicity. There’s little explanation offered regarding travel money, especially, just a rate calculator and notice that next day delivery in available- which works ok considering people planning holidays are already busy enough. The three Travel Cards page gives slightly more information, noting that in the event of immediate travel if there’s not enough time for the card to be delivered, travel money is recommended.

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Why should I use FairFX?

Complaints focused on the inability to reach any direct number for customer service when problems occurred abroad. One client used a card to pay in Hawaii and was charged 5 times for a single transaction. Unable to access funds he’d not used on the card, he wasted many hours searching for a direct way to contact FairFX, failing to be assisted online. Other complaints pointed to a similar pattern of difficulty with customers service ( if it was available), stating they felt a disconnect between helpline staff and those able to resolve problems.

ReviewCentre has only 5 reviews of FairFX service, giving a 3.4 out of 5 rating with 60% rate of recommendation. Two of them describe being charged for transactions they couldn’t complete. Customer service asked the client to approach vendors requesting a letter stating they were unable to process the card, which was impossible as the client was visiting Vietnam and had tried to use ATMs there. The client became ‘afraid to use the card’ which was charged for the transactions it was continually declined for. The client ran up credit cards as result and had no response from FAIRFX for over a month of emailing to request a refund of money she loaded on her travel card.

Lock in great rates here. Spend more there.

When service on card works well, client saves money and has the peace of mind of being able to budget travel expenses. While FairFX can’t control international vendors with whom their travel card isn’t compatible they must provide travellers with immediate customers service by telephone and online. The popular travel card, FairFX’s bread and butter, needs the same attention FairFXspends on its large corporate clients.

Business Information

Registered office address: Vintners Place, 68 Upper Thames St, London EC4V 3BJ

Telephone: 020 7778 9350

Email: info@fairfx.com