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FC Exchange Review by Rating: 4 out of 5

FC Exchange Review

FC Exchange has been voted 4/5 or 82% out of 289 recommendations. CurrencyComparison.co.uk has researched their Foreign Exchange Business and we can also give them a thumbs up for Foreign Exchange Transfers.

FC Exchange

Who are FC Exchange?

So who are FC Exchange? FC Exchange was created early 2005 by Nick Fullerton and Martin Steenkamp. The fast-growing foreign exchange company has grown by 230% in the last three years as FC Exchange expands its global reach, including capturing payment flows in Asia. Global offices are located in South Africa, Australia, Spain, France and Cyprus.

FC Exchange is now in the midst of robust growth plans, involving strengthening its position in the UK, where FC Exchange has offices in Berkhamsted and Cornwall. With more than 25,000 clients, FC Exchange transfers approximately £100 million monthly. The firm seeks to expand its e-commerce business sector in 2016, employing their e-money licence in a bid to offer services that challenge the existing merchant service payment providers. FC Exchange was awarded a UK Best Company Award in 2016.

Services Offered

Partnership options allow companies to directly refer another firm to FC Exchange or direct them to FC Exchange’s website through widgets installed on their websites. The benefits of tailored partnership agreements include enhancing client offerings, sales and marketing support and a new revenue stream as commissions are shared.

FC Exchange FC Exchange / International money transfers made personal

Why should I use FC Exchange?

FC Exchange has a 0.7 rating on TRUSTPILOT with a scant 265 reviewers. Most clients enjoy good customer service and compliment their dedicated accounts managers for giving them clear information regarding their transfers. One complaint, however, involved a client who hadn’t been informed of security checks which hadn’t been completed prior to his transfer with the result that he expected to lose the foreign property he’d hoped to buy with his temporarily unavailable funds.

Rich with content, FC Exchange really seems to empathize with both personal and business clients. Noting that 14% of persons migrating to the UK are actually citizens who had been living abroad, FC Exchange is prepared to assist clients with service few other FX companies had anticipated. This insight doesn’t carry through to other website details which offer such a broad brushstroke of services, it becomes difficult to focus on anything of substance. Blog posts are likewise vague and unsubstantial. Currency hub provides a currency calculator and a sampling of lives exchange rates. A quarterly forecast can be downloaded.

International money transfers made personal

The best rate guarantee is a fairly standard promise made in the foreign exchange industry. FC Exchange follows best practices by giving clients a dedicated customer service representative, which is fine for personal transfers. An FC Exchanges ambition of shaking up the eCommerce services requires more than an expert customer service representative. There’s nothing on offer at all in this category at present, so it’s difficult to know why merchants would choose FC Exchange over companies which these services and global reach already firmly established.

Business Information

Registered office address: Woolgate Exchange, 25 Basinghall St, London EC2V 5HA

Telephone: 020 7989 0000

Email: info@fcexchange.com