Lloyds Bank

Lloyds Bank Review by Rating: 2 out of 5

Lloyds Bank Review

Lloyds Bank has been voted 2/5 or 58% out of 294 recommendations. CurrencyComparison.co.uk has researched their Foreign Exchange Business so read more before doing online Currency Transfers.

Lloyds Bank

Who are Lloyds Bank?

So who are Lloyds Bank? Lloyds Bank is the principal subsidiary of Lloyd’s Banking group, one of the top four largest UK banks after HSBC, Barclays and Royal Bank of Scotland. Originally founded in Birmingham in 1765, Lloyd’s Banking Groups’ assets are worth over $1,333 billion today.

Lloyds Banking Group has an extensive network of over 2,000 branches throughout the UK and offers 24-hour telephone and online banking services. With over 30 million customers Lloyd’s is one of the UK’s leading providers of financial services. The Group has 11 million online banking users; including more than 6.5 million active mobile users. Lloyds Bank online service receives over 1.5 million lo- ons a day, with over half of those from a mobile or tablet.

Services Offered

Lloyd’s Currency calculator shows an exchange rate that’s considerably below mid-market rate, claiming a savings ( against mid-market rate) of more than £15 for a spot transfer of £1,000, however, this disclaimer isn’t seen except in the small print under FAQ:’: You can get an exchange rate illustration by using the Online International Payments calculator, but this will only be an estimate .Before a payment is confirmed online, the agreed and final rate will be shown.’ This rate doesn’t show bank fees which can be a much as £35, with Lloyd’s bank to bank system.

Lloyds Bank Lloyds Bank / Going abroad? Easily order foreign currency online, delivered free to your home or local branch.

Why should I use Lloyds Bank?

TRUSTPILOT rates Lloyd’s Bank as Bad with a 1.0 rate from 97 reviews. Internet banking proves to be the main complaint followed closely by lack of customer service when phoning regarding myriad internet banking issues. Rates and fees (as seen in transfers) confound Lloyd’s banking customers.

Trust is a fundamental cornerstone of all financial firms, whether they’re banks or foreign exchange companies. Transparency is another essential component. Hidden fees and lengthy delivery times for transfers makes Lloyd’s (like the other High Street banks) a highly uncompetitive choice for foreign exchange. Lloyd’s doesn’t do what it says on its own packet- it promises a rate, hides the small print and delivers a different rate. 1 out of 5 stars for Lloyd’s Foreign Exchange.

Going abroad? Easily order foreign currency online, delivered free to your home or local branch.

With so many services, expect many pages and Lloyd’s won’t disappoint-unless the visitor wants specific information in a timely manner. Personal Banking or Business Banking, Private Banking or International Banking are the major categories to select from with each promoting Lloyd’s bank accounts. Finding specific services from drop down menu doesn’t work as well as searching the ‘Find your way’ menu, suggesting many find it difficult to find their way through Lloyd’s website.

Business Information

Registered office address: Goto Local Branch

Telephone: 0345 366 1149