OrbitRemit Review by Rating: 4 out of 5

OrbitRemit Review

OrbitRemit has been voted 4/5 or 91% out of 1672 recommendations. CurrencyComparison.co.uk has researched their Foreign Exchange Business and we can also give them a thumbs up for Personal Currency Transfers.


Who are OrbitRemit?

OrbitRemit is a New Zealand based online foreign exchange company specializing in spot transfers. Founded in 2009 by 3 former real estate agents, Tommy Heptinstall, David Platt and Robbie Sampson, OrbitRemit calls itself the world’s simplest transfer company. The start-up began to challenge high transfer rates in New Zealand which were relied on primarily by migrant workers sending remittance home and families transferring money abroad for university fees.

OrbitRemit now transfers approximately $25 million monthly with about 30,000 transfers. 80,000 customers send money ‘home’ in 25 currencies to total roughly $ 600 billion annually.

Services Offered

OrbitRemit has a strong relationship with the New Zealand Government and was the first non-bank to provide payment services to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD). Through OrbitRemit, in a typical month, $100m is paid to IRD in 250,000 transactions which pay student loans, child support and other tax obligations. About 56,000 support questions on government payments were answered by OrbitRemit Wellington staff the first month the IRD service became available.

OrbitRemit OrbitRemit / International money transfer made simple

Why should I use OrbitRemit?

OrbitRemit has a 9.4 rate on TRUSTPILOT with 7,841 reviews. Most praise the speed of service but when problems arose clients found little customer service support – and certainly not any 24/7 support as advertised. Delays in transfers weren’t able to be tracked, either.

OrbitRemit was set up to give a competitive exchange rate to migrant workers sending remittance home to The Philippines and it’s proved a great alternative to banks and Western Union ( which lowered its fees in New Zealand when OrbitRemit came onto the scene). Saving workers money is an excellent service to provide, even if sometimes the customers service stumbles. 4 out of 5 stars for transfers.

International money transfer made simple

OrbitRemit can send remittance ( in GB£ or NZ$, or AU$) to any Eurozone country, to specific destinations in Asia including Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India. Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, The Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Australia, New Zealand and Fiji and the US are also destinations OrbitRemit can transfer to, although the company clearly doesn’t have a global reach.

Business Information

Registered office address: 216/, 22 Highbury Grove, London N5 2EF

Telephone: 0800 622 6435